CUPS Nightmare

Bill Johnson Bill at
Tue Oct 28 02:16:21 UTC 2003

Thanks, Erwin, for the reply.

I have tried a couple of things based on the good responses from this 

I now have 2 queues defined on the server.  One is called HP841C and it is 
intended to be used for printing from the server.  It is defined with the 
correct driver for the HP841C printer.  The other queue on the server is 
called HP841C_SHARED and it is set up as a raw queue.  I used the Redhat 
printer config tool to set this latter queue as shared.  The first queue 
is not shared.

On the laptop, when I look in CUPS (http://localhost:631), I can see both 
printers, but I cannot print to either.  If I try to print a test page to 
the HP841C_SHARED queue it prints many pages of junk, like what you would 
expect when the driver is wrong.  

If I try to create a queue on the laptop (via CUPS) and point it at the 
HP841C_SHARED queue on the server, using any of the protocols that are 
listed (ipp, lpr, etc., - I've tried every one), I cannot print a test 
page at all.  When I try, I get various messages listed on the CUPS 
printer page, such as "Remote host did not accept control file (112)".

I am very confused by the fact that I need to use the Redhat printer 
config tool for some portion of this process, and the CUPS web interface 
for others.  I don't understand how these two tools play together.

And, the main problem remains. I cannot yet print from my laptop.  I can 
print from the server, but nothing I do lets me print from the laptop.

If there is any additional information I can provide to this list that 
will help get this resolved, please let me know what I need to share.  I 
would really like to get this working without having to go back to Redhat 
8 or something I know works.

Thanks again for all the help!
Bill Johnson

On Sat, 25 Oct 2003, Erwin J. Prinz wrote:

> Bill:
> I am using CUPS on a server with samba to print from Windows computers. 
> When switching from "lpd" to "CUPS", I had to make a fundamental change 
> to the configuration on the server running CUPS. I had to install TWO 
> print queues, one for local printing from the server, and another one 
> from printing from a different computer via the server. The difference 
> between the queues is that the "local" one has a driver defined (e.g. 
> Optra E310), and the "server" one has "raw print queue" set in the 
> "printer driver" tab. I believe that the client computer has a driver, 
> sends "raw" print commands to the server, and the server just passes the 
> commands to the printer. You may want to try a "raw" print queue on the 
> server.
> Hope this helps.
> Best regards, Erwin

Bill Johnson

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