transition from red hat 9 to fedora

Ted Kaczmarek tedkaz at
Thu Oct 30 01:08:23 UTC 2003

Kudos from me, My Sager laptop is doing 1220 frames per second with Rage
Mobility 9000. 

Excellent work :-)

On Wed, 2003-10-29 at 15:39, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Oct 2003, Ryan J. Zygar wrote:
> >If only they could build in the drivers at the sites of _my_ graphic card so
> >I did't have to rebuild the kernel everytime the release one. 
> >
> >ATI Radeon 9600. 
> >
> >But ah well
> Um, excuse me.  I spent half a weekend a few weeks ago, of my own 
> personal time backporting support for Radeon 9200/9600/9800 from 
> XFree86 CVS along with patches donated by ATI, and a bunch of my 
> own hacking efforts.  I have posted numerous times to these 
> mailing lists requesting people to TEST this new support out and 
> to REPORT BUGS and issues with hardware that does not detect yet.
> To date, I've received only a couple of minor bug reports.  I 
> don't see any bug reports in bugzilla with your email address on 
> them either.
> The current driver supports most ATI Radeon and FireGL hardware, 
> with the exception of a few of the latest chips released.  I 
> don't get anywhere near half as much information and feedback 
> from people having problems that I'd _like_ to get, and so I add 
> support for new chips in a conservative manner which isn't likely 
> to break the driver while adding new hardware support.
> Since there is not a massive assault of bug reports and RFEs in
> bugzilla about missing Radeon hardware support, I can't exactly
> classify this work as super high priority work to do with my Red
> Hat on my head.  It is high priority for my personal spare time
> as a volunteer, but even that time is consumed by many things.
> Complain about missing support if you like, but it will remain 
> "missing support" unless there are *POLITE* bug reports in 
> bugzilla detailing the problem, and including X server log, 
> config file, and other information.
> Support gets added as I have time, and as I receive feedback from
> people.  Also, overly negative feedback or complaining isn't a
> huge motivator to drop what I'm doing and spend my
> Saturday/Sunday updating a video driver.  I'd rather watch a DVD 
> or go out for the weekend....

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