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Thu Oct 30 17:09:39 UTC 2003

From: "Aaron Konstam" <akonstam at>
> > I will make it simple. If you by a RH Enterprise distribution or RH
> > Workstation
> > distribution can you install it freely on multiple machines or do you
> > have to pay
> > for each installation? Or is the service for the installation only
> > good on one
> > machine but the software can be installed on multiple machines?
> > -- 
> I got the answers to my questions. I went to the horses mouth. RedHat
> said:
> If you buy one Enterprise system or Workstation system and put it on
> other machines you have the following three restrictions:
> 1. You can not update the other machines through binary updating. If
> they find someone rampantly distributing their licenced updates to
> unlcensed machines, they intend to take legal action.
> 2. You have to remove all references to the redhat name from the
> unlicenced machines.
> 3. Their is a propritery IBM package included which will have to be
> removed.
> If anyone on from RedHat on the list disaggrees with this analysis of
> RedHat's position I owuld be interested in hearing from them.

This is a much saner approach than the prior response.

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