yum/apt and dependencies

Greg Mitchell mitchg at alum.rpi.edu
Fri Oct 31 03:17:37 UTC 2003

I ran into a little problem updating my machine
tonight with yum. I issued "yum update" and it gave me
a list of 4 dependencies and 3 of them were fine. The
fourth was a dependency on mozilla (from open-office).
I have mozilla-firebird installed and don't wish to
have mozilla (konqueror is my browser of choice,
followed by firebird). To resolve the problem, I
manually downloaded and installed openoffice (with
--nodeps). It worked fine, then yum update did not
bother me about mozilla. Is there a way for me to tell
yum to ignore a specific dependency in the future? Or
is there at least an easy way to see what requires
that dependency (I went through the rpms infos by

Also, are there any decent apt repositories out there
for FC as well as general purpose rpms?


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