Can I use the build files after the system is up?

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Wed Sep 17 21:05:07 UTC 2003

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George Anzinger wrote:

| I am running 8.0
| System is up and running, I want to add open office.
| All the rpm files are on the hard drive as files (not CD images).
| I would like to run some installer that will resolve all the
| dependencies and install open office.
| red-config-packages seems to be hung up on wanting a CD or a CD image.
|  Surly there is a simple way to do this...
| While on this subject, is there a way to get up2date or some such to
| update this set of files?

Your best bet is to get APT 4 RPM and use it (or something similiar,
like yum). Then you just move the opensoffice rpms to apt's cache
directory and then type:

apt-get update
apt-get install openoffice

The system will examine the dependancies and if there are no missing
dependancies then it will install the files. If there are missing
dependancies it will inform you of them and ask if you want to download

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