Can I use the build files after the system is up?

George Anzinger george at
Wed Sep 17 23:11:42 UTC 2003

Paul Pianta wrote:
> George Anzinger wrote:
>> I am running 8.0
>> System is up and running, I want to add open office.
>> All the rpm files are on the hard drive as files (not CD images).
> try this out but your gonna have to get your hands dirty on the command 
> line ...
> (all commands to type will be in bold - comments start with a #)
> *su
> *#type in password for root user on machine ...
> #cd to the directory that your openoffice files are in ...
> *rpm -Uvh <name of openoffice file that finishes with the extension 
> .rpm>* #(without the < *>)*
> #this command will tell you what it is doing as it installs the rpm 
> (same thing as the gui but with more details)

The problem is that there are about a dozen or so dependencies that 
need to be loaded/ installed also.  Using this method, I would need to 
track each of those down and install them, and they don't have names 
that match the *.rpm names.
> if all went well - openoffice should be installed and it should have 
> been added to your menus. If not you can launch the wordprocessor by 
> typing *swriter* in a console and it should start up.
> p.s. - not sure this is the right place to post for newbie questions - i 
> thought this list was for the new rhl beta stuff?

mailing list description is a bit fuzzy...
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