Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Devrim GUNDUZ devrim at gunduz.org
Mon Sep 22 17:44:28 UTC 2003

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On 22 Sep 2003, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> There is no Red Hat Linux 10. There's the Fedora Project, with Fedora
> Core that contains a base Linux distribution; this is an open source
> project. Then there is Red Hat Enterprise Linux which is a product of
> Red Hat, Inc. RHEL  has various versions (WS, ES, AS) for different
> applications.

That sound really bad :-(

> Red Hat will be doing a lot of development and other work on the Fedora
> Project, but it's not a product that you can buy from us. We're working
> on the Fedora Project in the same way that we work on other projects
> such as Mozilla or the Linux kernel.


So, people will use "Fedora" on desktops and some servers. It'll be 
available on internet, right?
> >  Why will Red Hat will "not" support Fedora Core?
> You probably want to be clear about what "support" means to you.
> Which row of the above table. Then we can answer your question better.

Well, I'd like to see RH 9 on that table to  find out the best comparison.

"Downloads" : What does "source and binaries" mean? I hope there will be 
an installer ;)

What about updates? Will they be available from RHN? Who will maintain the 
packages? Recalling the openssh bug: Let's say I'm the maintainer of 
OpenSSH RPMS. I'm on holiday and a bug was released. Who will be 
responsible for that unclosed bug?  So, shall we avoid using fedora on 

I do not really care telephone "support" from Red Hat. I've been using 
only Red Hat since I've first met with Linux (Red Hat 6.1) and never 
needed a telephone/e-mail support. The reason I'm now offering Red Hat is 
the power I feel behind me, "Red Hat" name. Now, that power is lost. RHL 
is dead. Red Hat says "Fedora is a thing like Mozilla, Linux Kernel, 
etc.". I myself expected much more from that. Was that so simple?

Anyway, let me relax and see what will happen. Maybe Fedora will be an 
excellent distribution; but I'm in doubt now.

BTW, who are Fedora? Are they a company? (I could not find something from 
www.fedora.us/index-main.html). What if they will give up this project?

I'll always prefer RH Enterprise Linux for very big projects, but I'm 
really confused about using RH on desktop and small servers.

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