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Buck RHList at
Tue Sep 23 14:17:20 UTC 2003

Thanks for the reply.  I don't think I was clear on a couple of things
While I understand that we are talking about RH and Fedora, I may be
referring to the Linux community at large.  Of course it may only be Red
Hat pushing for the fast releases.  

The choice of products I was referring to here were the current release
and the previous release (1 year or 2 year supported products).  It
would probably be better worded: choice of two releases, currently in
the works, or released.


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> This would give everyone a choice of 1 or two years support depending 
> on which product they chose, not to mention a larger window in which 
> to plan to upgrade.

There is no product to choose - just Fedora.  If you want *real* Redhat
products, the lifetime is drastically different than the Fedora

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