Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Stephen Smoogen smoogen at lanl.gov
Wed Sep 24 02:09:12 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-09-23 at 19:09, Jeremy Dreese wrote:
> > And undoubtedly, this is going to piss off a lot of people who were
> > quite happily taking advantage of Red Hat Linux with 3 years of errata
> > without paying a cent. We can't do that anymore. It's too expensive,
> > we'd cease to exist. Fedora Core is the compromise. We spent a long time
> > trying to make the most people happy, we listened to all the complaints
> > (yes, even the most irrational ones), and we came up with the best
> > option we could.
> I agree that people who expect to get software (and updates) from RedHat forever
> and not pay anything have little room to complain.  RedHat is a company that
> needs to make money; otherwise, there won't even be a company.  However, I do
> believe that RedHat is neglecting a very important market by not focusing some
> attention on edus.  I understand that Fedora Core is perhaps an attempt to help
> this group, and we'll have to wait and see if that addresses the edu needs.  But
> I know that there are some universities who are very willing to pay RedHat for
> software/support/updates but simply can't afford the price "bar" that has been
> set.  Most companies have educational pricing because they understand the value

I would love to meet them. All I ever dealt with promised money but just
kept taking the downloads saying that 100.00, no 70.00, no 50.00, no
20.00 was too much. I felt like the Monty Python skit where you go in
and nothing is for sale, just someone there to waste your time.

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