Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Sean Estabrooks seanlkml at rogers.com
Wed Sep 24 15:28:47 UTC 2003

On 24 Sep 2003 09:51:20 -0500
Bret Hughes <bhughes at elevating.com> wrote:

> That helps, Thanks.  Now that  know the terms do we have afeel for how
> long maintenance will be provided for older versions of Fedora?  Sorry
> if this has been answered but to me this is the crux of the issue and
> determines how often I need to reinstall.

2-3 months after next release.  So there will be maintenance releases for
about half to three quarters of a year.

> Secondly, If RH decides that it will only provide maint. for say, 3
> versions back, is there something that the developer community can do to
> take some of the work off Red Hat and enable the provision of
> maintenance for a longer period?

Sure.   but that's not going to satisfy the segment of people who want to
have a guarantee from RedHat that the updates will be provided.   For them
Enterprise is the only choice.


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