RES: Support of apt for fedora

Paul Morgan paul.morgan at
Wed Sep 24 23:47:33 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 16:30, James Keasley wrote:
> Well among other things the fact that if your connection drops you can
> recommence the download at the point you left off, which hasn't
> been my experience with up2date, this is especially important when
> downloading large packages over a dial-up link.

Agreed. up2date doesn't know whether to puke, die, or just stand still
when the network connection hiccups, rendering it unusable for those of
us in rural, dial-up America. Luckily, I have a friendly tech-shop in
town with a hot-spot that I piggy-back on to get my rhn up2dates. RHN is
a great service, though, and I'm confident that up2date will eventually
become more robust with respect to network connectivity.

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