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Charles Curley charlescurley at charlescurley.com
Thu Sep 25 13:55:43 UTC 2003

Some questions on Bugzilla.

Background: I have something I'd like to file against severn (ISO
image files dated Jul 18). When I set up kickstart to install the
Office/Productivity group ("@ Office/Productivity"), and then exclude
OpenOffice.org ("-openoffice"), I still get two other OOo RPMs,
openoffice-i18n and openoffice-libs. They have no reason to be
installed other than OOo, so they should also be excluded.

* Do I file on Red Hat's bugzilla or fedora's?

* Red Hat's Bugzilla "version" field has no entry for severn. Which
  version do I file it under?

* Should I use "openoffice" or "installation" in the component field?

(There are no doubt other packages I could similarly do without, but
at 230 MB for the pair, on a testbed computer with a 2 GB drive,
that's egregious.)


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