Fedora, Severn and other RedHat Beta Releases

Mike Peterson mpeterson at mail.charlesfurniture.com
Fri Sep 26 18:19:14 UTC 2003

I am glad to see that some people have gotten the latest beta to install.

I have not had good luck with many beta releases.

Severn would not install.

Fedora would not install.
I tried GUI, text, and noprobe.
The text and GUI failed before getting the first install dialog.
The noprobe could not see the CD once it got the first dialog asking how to install even though the CD booted fine.

I purchases a new P4 2.8 and it runs RHES 2.1 Update 2 fine.
I installed the RHES 3.0 beta and it has problems.
It did install though.

Hopefully the Fedora release will work.
Not sure why beta versions and release versions are so different.
Are the beta versions released with debugging turned on in all packages and that break things depending on the system?
I will try it on another system next week and see what happens.
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