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Fri Sep 26 18:59:26 UTC 2003

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 01:48:54PM -0500, Robert Brimhall wrote:
> Michael K. Johnson wrote:
> >Well, ACPI is off by default in test2...
> Will it be able to be turned on by appending acpi=on to grub? I think 
> the AC Kernel sources have addressed many of these problems but will 
> Fedora go the extra mile to keep hardware support top-notch as it has 
> been for Red Hat in the past?

o The Fedora Core 0.94 kernel includes support for ACPI (Advanced
  Configuration and Power Interface). By default, ACPI support is disabled;
  it can be enabled by using the following boot-time option:
  When enabled, ACPI is used for device enumeration, but not for sleeping
  or reducing power consumption.

  NOTE: The ACPI subsystem results in a kernel too big to fit on a
  diskette; therefore, the kernel placed on boot diskettes does not
  include ACPI support. In addition, because of these size issues,
  emergency boot diskettes will not work. You must use rescue mode from
  the installer instead of an emergency boot diskette.

That should answer your question.  :-)


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