Fedora Questions

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Fri Sep 26 21:29:41 UTC 2003

Roberto J. Dohnert (webwarrior at gnu-darwin.org) said: 
> 1.  Will Red Hat be extending the EOL for any of its older products such
> as RH 7.x and 8.x and will they allow any further renewal subscriptions to
> services for these older products?

That is not currently planned.

> 2.  Will Red Hat make boxed versions available of Fedora Core through the
> online store


> or is there a plan to get a third party retail firm behind
> it?

Third parties may distribute it. Note the trademark guidelines
available at http://fedora.redhat.com/about/trademarks/

> 3.  Will Red Hat extend any kind of service agreements to users of Fedora
> Core in a production environment who are subscribed to the RHEL services?

I don't think that's currently planned.

> 4.  Has anyone heard or talked to Sun about the status of Java support
> extending to Fedora Core as they do through Red Hat 8.x and 9.x?
> 5.  What will be the status of NVidia driver support for Fedora Core?

Those really depend on what Sun and nVidia do; it's not up to us.


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