what performance that fedora offer?

Lewi ichtus at mbone.petra.ac.id
Tue Sep 30 07:41:27 UTC 2003

this day I just download 3 iso severn beta 2, and I'm going to 
replace my taroon beta 2 installed in my computer

but what's the big difference between those beta linux,
in the perfomance area, I notice that shrike is more slower than taroon 
(I just looked with hdparm and loading time mozilla and openoffice)
taroon have mozilla-1.4 vs shrike mozilla-1.2.1
taroon have openoffice-1.0.2 vs shrike openoffice-1.0.2
with taroon have half time to loading.

is there any perfomance notice in severn perfomance????

Lewi Supranata .K
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