About RULE for FC1, was: 486 install?

Thomas King kingttx at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 1 19:23:00 UTC 2004

> > I looked over your website and cannot find any of the downloads, even 
> > RH9. I take it there won't be any until all of the developers are 
> > back in. I'd love to try this out for a small charter school whose 
> > I'm working on. They have a bunch of 133MHz white boxes that I want to 
> > as non-essential file servers.
>If all you want is file serving, as long as you have disk space, just do
>a minimal text install with no X/GUI and use NFS or Samba.
>Travis Fraser

Ah, that sounds wonderful. If I do so, at the boot prompt is it 'linux no-x' 
or do I simply not select any of the X options and desktop options? This 
must go through linux text install since the video cards aren't handling the 
regular gui install at all, so RULE sounded quite attractive for what I 

Oh, and then the joys of editing the samba config...<wince>...I have a lot 
to learn about admin. ;)


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