grub Error 23 'Selected Disk Does Not Exist' - but it does!

Bill Dearborn wjdearborn at
Fri Apr 2 05:11:42 UTC 2004

I need some help or direction as to where to find help...

I am attempting to install Fedora 1 (from the 'Fedora for Dummies' DVD) on a
Intel D865PERL Motherboard with a 3 Ghz Intel Pentium 4, 1024 Mbytes of
memory. I have two hard drives which are identified correctly by anaconda
and by the 'linux rescue' process. These drives contain Windows XP Pro and I
am trying to set-up a dual boot system.  XP is on (hd0) the Primary drive
and on (hd1,0) the Slave while Fedora is on (hd1,1) a 40 Gig partition.
Everything goes quite smoothly until I reboot and receive a screen with the
word GRUB and a flashing cursor.

I tested the DVD with the media test option, and have used the stage1,
stage2 grub images to create a grub boot floppy so I can attest that they
are in good order, since they allow me to boot into Windows XP. Things are
also complicated by anaconda reporting the the disk-image required to creat
a boot floppy is to large for a floppy and hence only leaving me with the
option of booting from the DVD in an emergency.

Actually the auto partitioning of the Slave drive left hdb1 as ntfs, and
created hdb2 as boot, hdb3 as '/', hdb4 as extended, hdb5 as swap, but
according to the map provided by anaconda the linux partition are first,
followed by the ntfs one. Originally the free space that was used for the
linux partitions had been an unused 40 Gig ntfs partition which I deleted. 

An earlier discussion on this list suggested a possible mismatch of the disk
partition id type and suggested being sure it read '83' - my test showed it
set to '82' so I made the change, but that appears to have had no affect on
the problem. I have now returned the type to '82' so as not to complicate

The word GRUB and flashing cursor does not give many indications as to what
is happening. When I use the GRUB floppy disk I can boot to Windows XP using
the commands found in the grub.conf file in /boot/grub. But when I attempt
to even display the splashscreen with splashimage=(hd1,1) I receive the
Error message "Error 23 'Selected Disk Does Not Exist'". The same error
occurs when I attempt to use any of the other commands from grub.conf 'boot
(hd1,1)' and kernel and initrd. But as I noted earlier the install process
and the rescue process both identify and use the slave drive.

I have re-installed the full system three different times, I have even
changed the default OS from Linux to DOS but still get the word GRUB and the
flashing cursor. The next step will be to change grub.conf to remove the
spashimage line and boot to a default of DOS - which should work to at least
allow me to use the machine.

But how do I ever get to be able to boot Fedora? At the moment I can only
get to the 'linux rescue' system to read the documents on GRUB and to check
the .conf files.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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