Determining IP information for eth0 failed

Roger Beever roger2 at
Fri Apr 2 21:39:29 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-04-02 at 22:23, jludwig wrote:
> The -5dB/1dB is a splitter which means you probably have cable tv too.
> Depending on the service you may only have one allowable MAC address.
> I am allowed 4 MACs, but, my modem gets "confused" whenever it has seen
> more than one MAC address without being reset ( It's a Motorola too).
> I have up to three machines going through one Linux firewall/router/PC
> and don't see any degradation of service. 
> -- 
> jludwig <wralphie at>
Quite often you can have more than one PC recognised by the system
but only one active at a time.
Adding a router might be the best way to go although the router can be a
Linux box as mentioned it depends if you may want the windows box on by
it's self for a lot of the time.
BTW the 5 port hub is more likely to be 4 port with 2 sockets on one
port so you can add another hub one socket being the uplink (crossover).
There came point in hub evolution where an extra socket became cheaper
than a switch. A switch could also be accidentally knocked and stop a
port from working.
Regards Roger

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