Any plans for a font install tool?

Dexter Ang thepoch at
Sun Apr 4 14:37:53 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-04-04 at 01:00, Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:
> Hello, I'm very new to fedora, (just downloaded the 3 iso's today in fact) 
> So please pardon my ignorance. But I have a couple of stupid questions...  
>  1) About copying to ~/.fonts: What exactly do you copy to the dir? The
>     font files themselves? Will symbolic links to said files work? Or what?
>  1b) Can I just copy trutype font files from my windows partition to ~/.fonts
>      to enable them for all my apps?

Yup. You can simply copy the truetype fonts (.ttf) over to your ~/.fonts
directory. I've never tried using symbolic links so I can't really say
if it'll work. But you could always try. This should work for most Gnome
applications. I think it doesn't work for though. Or does
it? Anyone else with answers?

>  2) Isn't there a global place where root can put these to make them
>     accessible to all user accounts? 

I believe this has been answered by Aaron Matteson. So I'll skip it. =)

> Maybe these questions will be answered for me during the installation
> process (in which case I apologize for wasting the lists time) But at
> the moment, I just don't know much about fedora yet. 

Actually nope, these aren't "taught" during the installation. Definitely
very unintuitive for those not yet used to it.

Hope this helps.


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