rdate not setting the date

Tom 'Needs A Hat' Mitchell mitch48 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Apr 5 23:06:44 UTC 2004

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 11:30:28AM -0500, Jeff Vian wrote:
> >
> I do not use rdate.
> However I do use ntp to sync with redhat and my time did not update 
> until about 6pn local time.  Then it suddenly did the DST adjustment.

This is sort of confusing.

The "system keeps time" UTS (date -u) and the ctime() library presents
local time based on /etc/localtime unless the environment variable TZ
is set for an individual.  ntp works with UTS.  I think it does carry
daylight saving time hints.

The time of day should have toggled all at once.

How were you watching this,  what time zone were you in,
is the hardware RTC set to local or UTS?  Did you see any interesting messages
in your log file.  My messages file is quiet but does have a gap where
time springs ahead as it should.

I did watch my radio controlled clocks and they did not see the TZ
hints until dawn.  I moved them to a better location and they almost
immediatly switched.

I guess we should watch this next year/ next fall.

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