Anythnig to watch out for on a laptop?

Ow Mun Heng ow.mun.heng at
Wed Apr 7 02:13:32 UTC 2004

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> > I understand that Dell supports Linux and (of coarse) IBM
> > I'd check their web sites. There are also Linux laptop web 
> sites, but,
> > you will have to google them-- 
> > jludwig <wralphie at>
> I called IBM about this a few weeks back, and after consulting a few 
> different tech folks, the rep put me through to a guy who recommended 
> their T40 model.

Yeah.. Leave it to them to recommend you the Highest priced Line 
in their laptop line.. :)

But seriously, I _DO_ think it's a great laptop. (I have a D600 :( )

Great battery life too. Even Theodore Tso, the guy who made e2fsprog 
(IIRC) has one. But newest one is the T41, so, maybe you can 
check that out as well.

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