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Wed Apr 7 02:48:43 UTC 2004

Replying to 2 post in 1..

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> i've had a dell inspiron 4000 sine sept 2000 (p3 700), and my 
> new job requires that i have a laptop, and they'd purchase 
> one for me if i set it up.  i went for the alienware 
> area-51m, big mistake.  number one, wide screen displays are 
> a pain in the ass to get working, the size and weight of the 
> laptop is a real hinderance.  it's a p4 2.8GHz, but i find 
> myself using the dell about 9/10ths of the time, and the 
> alien for gaming (as rare as it is).  the dell is just a 
> really nice size, light, doesn't get too hot and the 1024x768 
> resolution is perfect for my aging (28 years) eyes.  the 
> alien is at 1680x1050 (or something similarly insane), which 
> bothers my eyes.

D600 at 1400x1050.. Great.. 2.2 Kgs. lighter than my 6 yr old
Dell 166MMX w/1MB Video Ram & 72MB RAM (on RH8 & win2k. Runs 
faster on Win2K than on RH8 with X) at 3.2kgs

I'm same age as you and the res's sweet. Though I tend to find
myself squinting at Xterm's small fonts. :)

> i read somewhere recently that intel is going to start 
> releasing the centrino drivers for linux, not open source, 
> but closed like nvidia and ati.

Now this is entirely off. Centrino AFAIK, is the combo
of CPU (1MB cache) + Intel Wifi (right?)

The only thing which isn't working is the Wifi. Until late 
last year when ndiswrapper started to support it. I'm using it 
and I think it works better than the intel one. (Though I've not
tried it.) I hear that the intel one does not support WEP and
ndiswrapper Does. (again, I've not tried it. I have no APs that has
WEP turned on)

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> > At 01:48 4/6/2004, Ow Mun Heng wrote:
> > >Have you seen their Z1 Laptop Line. Now, That is Really Cool.
> > >Looks even slicker than the T41. (IMHO)
> > 
> > Yes, *very* cool. But check out the new X40, and the 
> advantage is not so 
> > great. My problem is that I am now convinced (from 
> significant prior 
> > personal experience) that the Z1 would be expensive, slow, 
> dogged by driver 
> > incompatibilities, prone to overheating, loud, and with 
> short battery life.

The X40 is only 12.1" screen. Light though at 1.24Kgs. (I have the 
brochure in front of me. Came in the papers)

(I think IBM should give us a free laptop for promoting it!!)
Centrino 1Ghz
XP Pro (Who uses this for anything other than games?)
256MB ram
12.1" XGA
Intel Extreme Graphics (I think this sucks)
Giga Eth
3 yrs Int. Warranty.
intel wifi

All for RM6188 or USD1628

Centrino 1.4
XP Pro
256 RAM
14.1" XGA
Modem + Giga Eth
32MB ATI MObility 7500
3 yrs Int Warranty

> > Give me the IBM for real work, please... for the moment, 
> Sony computers and 
> > PDA's are just good for showing off their looks and their 
> cool factor (and 
> > the X40 has a cool factor of its own, too). My full respect 
> to the Sony 
> > *designers* but their *engineers* still have a ways to go. :-)

I've not used a Sony VIAO before so wouldn't know about batt life/
compatability with Linux.

But you've got it right, They Have the *Style*/*Cool* factor
all in their fingertips.

Same Respect for the Macs/Powerbook Titanium 17".. Wow.

The X40's good if you travel a lot. Small screen/slow processor/small
HD/Integrated Graphics at RM800 Cheaper than T41(USD210)

I'll go for the T41 still. (if I have the $$$)

PS : I use Exchange & outlook. So, I will break threads. 
Apologies there.

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