Fedora mount a corrupted Win Fat32 (vfat) file system

Jeff Vian jvian10 at charter.net
Wed Apr 7 12:29:59 UTC 2004

Joe(theWordy)Philbrook wrote:

>Ummnn: What besides needing to make and test a boot disk 1st, makes this 
>such "bad juju"?? I don't know that this would WORK. But I don't see how it
>can mess up the kinux install. I mean all you have to do is boot from a
>floppy, and rerun lilo, or whatever you do to fix a grub loader...
You did not read the original post.

He has a windows fat32 partition on /dev/hda2 that has gotten corrupted. 
 That has nothing to do with the boot loader and the only thing the 
recommendation to run "fdisl /mbr" will do  is cause *more* work in 
reinstalling the boot loader.  It will not help solve his problem in any 


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