program "fly" on Fedora

Peter Draksler fedora at
Wed Apr 7 21:20:48 UTC 2004

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

> please do not hijack foreign threads!
> If posting a mail with a fresh new subject to the list, do NOT use a
> different posting and press reply. This will cause thread hijacking -
> like you did. Your mail now contains misleading references
> to the "Re: Some problems getting started" thread.

Alexander's been sounding like a broken record for quite some time; same 
complaint every day or so.   Is there anyway for the powers-that-be to 
have all subscribers read and agree to follow some sort of basic 
'netiquette' when signing up?

Many newbies (and some oldies) likely don't have a clue when it comes to 
basic netiquette.  And blasting them on the mailing list is embarassing 
and would be enough for me to unsubscribe if I were in their shoes.  Of 
course, if they've read and agreed to follow basic netiquette, they can 
be flamed to your heart's content.


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