Is Linux always so frustating^

pinco pinco at
Thu Apr 8 14:43:43 UTC 2004


I would like answer to each of you, but it would take a lot of time!

In general I thank you all very much for helping me to be more confident 
with Linux/Fedora. Your experience will help.

I surely have to learn a lot and I will (Bart Kalita, I think I have "a 
bit of intelligence"), but when I wrote that message I was very depressed :(

I'll try again to install Quanta and I'll ask your help if I fail!

My message wasn't clear enough to those who thought I was finding bugs 
and, in particular, arguing against Linux and for Windows (I think I 
know its problems and that I have to buy everything!): I ask them to 
forgive me.

Thanks a lot for your patience!


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