Too many dependencies? was: Is Linux always so frustating?

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I completely disagree, Centrino? Better engineered? If you ever load a
Centrino you will quickly realize the Intel just successfully got you to
pay top dollar for a slow processor. There is nothing "better
engineered" in a Centrnio. It runs only marginally faster than it's
donor platform (p3) at equal speeds. 

It is a lower power chip because it essentially a p3 core scaled down on
smaller traces so they could lower the v-core. They threw some extra
cache on the die to make it run smoother, and *poof* old product = top
dollar for minimum R&D costs. Centrino is a Intel profit center for
people that buy what the nice salesmen says is better. 

Bottom line: Moore's Law states that every 18 months CPU speeds will
double. This will not change. What will change is 64bit will replace
32bit, and we will see more lateral scaling, either in broader SMP use,
or multi-thread single CPU's, (similar to Hyper-Threading).  

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slashdot linked to that article about when it came out.  some of the
stats seem really skewed, like the 1.8 tons of water for a monitor.  i'm
sure that almost all of it is recycled water from a previous monitor,
otherwise monitors wouldn't be so freaking cheap.  and if you leave your
computer on 24x7, then yes, it probably does use up about as much juice
as a fridge... if it's an AMD XP or a cutting edge intel... but the
tides are changing, mhz isn't going to be paramount anymore, it's going
to be efficiency.  look at intel and the low mhz centrino based laptops.
people are starting to realize that they don't really notice much of a
difference between a better engineered 1.3ghz machine and a 3.4ghz "get
it out to the market as quickly as possible" machine when they're on the
web, emailing or anything.  i personally see the future as slower
processors with large (1mb+ cache) that are energy efficient as the

completely off topic, sorry.  he started it =]


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