FC1 on Intel 440GX

Taylor, ForrestX forrestx.taylor at intel.com
Thu Apr 8 18:50:59 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-04-08 at 11:36, MW Mike Weiner (5028) wrote:
> I am having an issue installing FC1 on an Intel 440GX motherboard, and
> specifically the problem appears to be with the Adaptec AIC7xxx driver
> which just hangs, and anaconda never does find any disks to install
> to. I have had this issue in the past with other machines, and in the
> past the apic vs noapic option to the kernel seemed to work, as did
> pulling down the correct Adaptec DUD and using that as my driver disk.
> However, none of these are working, and i was wondering if anyone else
> has found this problem and a possiblem solution.

I installed FC1 on my 440GX when it first came out, but I don't remember
having any problems.  Have you tried to update the BIOS (BTW what BIOS
version do you have)?


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