Problem with DHCP, /etc/hosts and GNOME

Keven Ring keven at
Thu Apr 8 21:14:16 UTC 2004

>Exactly whats required for laptops :) - with one more step
>DHCP Client: I'll make my own DNS entry in /etc/hosts for
Wow.  In a nutshell, you have reduced this whole thread to:  In some 
way, shape, or form, get the hostname that you want your machine to be 
in either DNS or /etc/hosts.  As others have pointed out [myself 
included], this is not even needed if you set your hostname to something 
other than "localhost", "localhost.localdomain", or "(none)".  There are 
GUIs for doing this, and there are the files that the GUIs edit.

As I indicated earlier, if your ip address is really changing and you 
want your hostname to remain the same, then you should consider having a 
dynamic DNS.  If your ip address and hostname changes, then all you need 
is DNS [assuming there is a one-to-one between ip and hostname].  
/etc/hosts is fine for static stuff.  Keep dynamic stuff out of it.

I was merely highlighting the intriguing [and somewhat useless] 
conversation that could occur between the DHCP client and server.  Now, 
having said that, I'd say it's a great design - there are 50 ways of 
doing the same thing, each of them with their own uses and benefits.  It 
just means that it appears silly to ask the DHCP server for a hostname 
when you know you are going to ignore it...

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