Gnome and modem connection

Paolo Consiglio mr_advice at
Fri Apr 9 07:11:08 UTC 2004

Hi everybody,
I have just installed Fedora core1 with (only) Gnome on a computer at home.
That computer will be a server for two Linux clients.  On that server I need
to set up a ppp-connection which I can remotely start and stop by the

The problem is that I am new to Gnome, (I have always used KDE and Kppp) and
was convinced to find Gnome-ppp,
but I can't find it. It seems not installed... is that possible? I thought
it was installed by default, isn't it?
Do I have to re-install everything?

The only window where I can set up the logon parameters (provider, etc) e'
the one where you can see the network connections list (I see my two
netcards and a ppp connection with a modem symbol: if I double click on the
modem  it makes me to insert the main parameters of the connection,like
provider, phone number,etc.).

So, if I have to activate the modem connection from a remote client, do I
have to approach  to a program that shows me all the network connections on
the server? It does not seem nice to me... Please before it makes me
re-install the whole o.s. with KDE, could someone give me an hint?

 Many many thanks! Paul

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