[OT] no Reply-To: header

Alexandre Oliva aoliva at redhat.com
Mon Apr 12 10:10:14 UTC 2004

On Apr 12, 2004, Andre Speelmans <andre at as.no-ip.com> wrote:

> Gerrit repeatedly said in his summary that users of decent
> mailreaders get punished when the Reply-To: header gets munged. That
> may be so, although I really don't see why (flamers: no need to call
> me dumb or stupid, I will admit that here and now, so we can all
> save the bandwidth).

[flameful reply contents intended to be sent in private, with lots of
personal references that would be too embarrassing for the entire list
to see omitted] :-)

PS: sorry that this e-mail got posted to the list.  I meant to reply
in private, but the `reply in private' button somehow caused the
message to be posted to the list, just like `reply to all' would.  How

'nuff said :-)

BTW, gnus (my MUA of choice) has a per-folder configuration option
called `broken-reply-to'.  I set it for all lists that munge
Reply-To.  That's a good feature for a mail reader that helps users
cope with broken mailing list set ups.

/me wishes Mail-Followup-To: hadn't been shot down.  It would have
fixed all this mess.  Unfortunately, without it, Reply-To: is as close
as you can get, but still a PITA.  Unless your MUA supports
broken-reply-to, in which case it's just a minor one-time
inconvenience :-)

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