RH rips again Was: extend EOL for Red Hat Linux 9?

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 12 15:14:36 UTC 2004

Guy Fraser said:
> William (Bullshit) Hooper wrote:
>>Guy Fraser said:
>>>I called RedHAt to see about purchasing Professional Work Station at a
>>>discount, because one week after they took money off my creditcard for a
>>>year of RHN they anounced they were discontinuing RH 9 in 6 months.
>>Bullshit.  RHL 9's EOL was announced shortly after it was released.
> I don't remember if RHL 9 came out just before my RHN renewal came up.
> My RHN expires in October, RHL 9 expires at the end of April, so at the
> worst I was
> off by one month. Do the math.

No matter when you subscription was renewed, Red Hat announced the EOL
more than six months ago.  You do the math.

> When RHL 9 came out does not deminish the fact that they automaticaly
> renewed my
> RHN subscription on a product they had no intention of supporting to the
> end of my
> subcription.

And the have given you access to RHEL to fulfill your subscription after
RHL 9's EOL.

> When I called to find out the facts I was assured that as
> long as my subcription
> was active I would have access to ongoing updates to RHL 9.

You will have access to the updates.  There will not be any new updates
released, however.
offer to purchase PWS at half price would not be extended.

> Had RH in good faith told me that RHL 9 would be end of life before my RHN
> subscription expired

They did.

> and given me the option to renew or let my RHN
> subscription
> expire, I would have nothing to complain about.

It sounds like you are complaining about the fact you didn't read what the
support policy was.

> To be honest I had no
> idea that
> RH was going to automaticaly renew my RHN.

I would have to check the e-mail they sent when I purchused it, but I'm
pretty sure it was there then, and it is definitely in the FAQ now:

"Paid subscriptions are annual and renew automatically each year."

William Hooper

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