OT: tar only directory structure

Rob Freeman sysadmin at fleetone.com
Tue Apr 13 18:09:53 UTC 2004

Worked like a charm!


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> On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 11:57:07AM -0500, Rob Freeman wrote:
> > Is it possible to just tar only the directory structure of a mount?  We
> > looking into backing up the /home of a fedora box, but do not need the
> > thousand of files in all the separate folders.  Just the directory
> > and permissions.
> Use the "find" command to list all the directories, bash's "pipe a
> command into a file descriptor" feature to feed this list of files to
> tar, and tar's "--no-recursion" flag to tell tar not to back up the
> files in the directories.  Putting all this together, to back up the
> contents of the current working directory, you could use a command
> something like this:
>     $ tar cf dirs.tar --no-recursion --files-from <( find . -type d )
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