Moving from RH to FC1

Martin Stone martin.stone at
Tue Apr 13 18:35:14 UTC 2004

IMO, Forrest's suggestion is best.  Don't do anything - just boot from the 
Fedora CD and choose Install rather than upgrade, install it on your existing 
1GB "linux" partition.

For a beginner, this is the best way to go.  Even for experts, "Upgrade" often 
means "Break my computer".

Also if you have anything even mildly important on there, *back it up before you 

Good luck!

Betti Ann & Preston Smith wrote:
> A number of months ago I made my first foray into the Linux world by 
> installing RH 9.  I worked with it for a month or so and for various 
> reasons had to abandon it.
> I have retained very little of what i learned and have decided to give 
> it another try.  In the interests of work with the latest offering I am 
> thinking about installing FC1.
> I need advice on how to approach this.
> On bootup I can select either Linux or Win98.  My Linux installation is 
> restricted to a single 1 GB disk drive
> Should I delete the RH install and start over - if so, how should I do 
> this?
> OR
> Should I run the FC1 install from RH?  How would I do this.
> Should I remove the option screen presented at boot up and let the FC1 
> install process install a new one??  If so how do i do it?
> Sorry for such basic questions but I have to start somewhere!
> Thanks
> Pretson
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