RH rips again Was: extend EOL for Red Hat Linux 9?

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at earthlink.net
Wed Apr 14 14:49:58 UTC 2004

Don Levey said:
> Williak Hooper wrote:
>> I have no pity for anyone who has waited this long to decide what to
>> do when RHL 9 goes EOL.  Red Hat has provided RHEL (and even one month
>> evaluations for users who don't have access via RHN) for testing.
>> Red Hat has kept their end of the bargain on RHL 9 support, even
>> though the RHL line is ending.  Red Hat offered half price deals for
>> two years on RHEL WS and ES.  Red Hat has changed the RHN support of
>> RHPW so that it is now renewable.  Anyone that says (and what started
>> my involvement in this thread) that they didn't know RHL 9's EOL was
>> coming up has had their head in the sand for longer than RHL 9 has
>> been out.
> Must be me, then.  I knew that previous releases of RHL were EOL-ing;

So when Red Hat said that RHL releases were going to have 12 months of
support, you didn't think that applied to RHL 9?


> Should I, as a (home) sysadmin, have read anything and everything I
> could possibly get on the subject of RHL?  Perhaps... if I had
> nothing else to do with my time.  I can't even read every message
> here.

Browsing various news sites would be sufficent.  The EOL announcement got
a bunch of press.

> Would it have been nice for RH to have included a note as
> to their intentions in their regularly-published email updates that
> all "free" RHN users get?  Yeah, that would have been nice.  Sure, I
> support what they've done, to the extent that they are free to make
> their own business decisions for their products and services.

Generally announcements that I get from the redhat-announce list are also
accompanied by announcements from RHN.  The message from April 2003 gives
the link to http://www.redhat.com/apps/support/errata which has had RHL
9's EOL date from the day it was released.

William Hooper

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