SanDisk Mini 256

Colin Charles linux at
Fri Apr 16 04:41:29 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-14 at 22:42, Robin Laing wrote:

> The first time I tried to mount a USB stick on FC1 it was detected as 
> /dev/sda1 but would only mount on /dev/sdb1


John Fleming's post will help:
In /etc/updfstab.conf.default, I added the follwing to the flash

match hd "Generic STORAGE DEVICE"

Then using the GUI disk manager, I mounted the sda device, and it showed
on the desktop and worked as expected.

Regarding an earlier post of mine, this thing DOES have a history of
becoming hopelessly stuck in various machines.  Sandisk will send a tool
that helps take it out.  I got mine out with brute force (Much brute
force) and it still works.  Others have shattered their trying to get it
out.  I'm not sure my USB socket is the same, but it does still work. 
BEWARE the Sandisk Mini Cruzer 256 - get a later model.

- John
Colin Charles, byte at

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