question about security

Vincent Schultz vincent.schultz at
Sat Apr 17 07:37:49 UTC 2004


Maybe you're talking about SELINUX kernel ? You have 2 solutions : 

1) understand this secure kernel, see

2) Disable the feature for a while with setenforce command :
root# setenforce 0
and set "SELINUX=permissive" (without the "") in /etc/sysconfig/selinux

The kernel audit will be still active in /var/log/messages, and you will
be able to see what are your problems and understand SELINUX.


Le sam 17/04/2004 à 08:42, Gertjan Vinkesteijn a écrit :
> Dear fellows,
> I have a security problem, normally I only bothe about the firewall, but 
> with SILUNIX (or something like that, I don't know the name, I am now on 
> windows, because I don't get anything done now). 
> "redhat-config-security" only give me the standart firewall thing.
> Thus I get audits all over head and feel like Philips in China instead 
> as Phillips in the panhandle, rmk. 2 is less then 3.
> -- 
> Vink

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