Using Fedora as firewall.

Harry Hoffman hhoffman at
Sun Apr 18 08:59:33 UTC 2004

If you have more than one account you shouldn't be running X!!!!!!!!!!

Let me repeat this just in case I wasn't clear: in a firewall running linux 
there is not good reason to be running a windowing system!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[ !, for space more so than for emphasis! ].
But seriously don't do it, X shouldn't even be on you system.

No to your real question, are both cards of the same type? If so both should 
be started but maybe only one configured. That should keep the cards as you 
expect them to be. Otherwise decide which one you want as eth0 and bring that 
one up at boot and bring the other up later!


Quoting John Lagrue <admin at>:

*> Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:
*> > At 03:56 4/17/2004, you wrote:
*> >
*> >> Now I have two networking cards, one buildin in the motherboard
*> >> (eth0) and one in a PCI slot (eth1). When I tried to do the same to
*> >> give my WinXP box access to the internet I couldn't get it right.
*> >> When I connect to internet using eth0 everything is fine. When I
*> >> start eth1 to the WinXP box it works, but then I have no contact with
*> >> the internet thru eth0.
*> >> To get contact with the internet again I have to stop eth1 and
*> >> restart eth0. Does anyone have a clue?
*> >
*> >
*> > First you need to solve your networking problems, so that you can have
*> > both network interfaces up and running and so that the Fedora box
*> > (which will be the firewall and gateway) can access both the Internet
*> > via eth0 and the internal network (your XP box) via eth1.
*> >
*> > Then my best suggestion is to go to and read
*> > the "two-interface quick guide" there. Download the software and it
*> > will show you how to set up the configuration files (simple text
*> > files) to get the result you want. Shorewall will configure
*> > everything: gateway service, routing, masquerading, firewall rules,
*> > and allowing some ports access from the Internet to your firewall or
*> > to an internal machine if you so desire.
*> >
*> I can confirm that this setup works like a charm, as it is exactly what
*> I am running at home. My elderly Dell Dimension not only runs Shorewall
*> (which is a great and easy to configure firewall), but also runs
*> fetchmail/postfix/spamassassin/procmail along with dovecot to handle all
*> incoming email into the family's half dozen email accounts and supplies
*> the email via IMAP to whichever machines are connected to our internal
*> network.
*> I think Fedora is wonderful.
*> John
*> PS Recently I have also come to the conclusion that Enlightenment rocks :)
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