user with root priviledge

boby bobysandz at
Sun Apr 18 17:43:09 UTC 2004


how can i create a user with priviledge rot.
i know that i can add the user to the root group .
but even when i add the user to root group it can not 
be the same as root . system always ask me to enter
root password to chang some thing .
i want some thing exactly like root.
the other thing is i up2dated my computer with root
login but when one of my colleage enter to the same
computer with his login name up2date is red and i
should up2date it again,however i can not uptodate
because i am not a root ...... is fedora kepp track of
their clients by the name of user ? because it can not
understand that user is in the same computer i have
upgraded already .

thanks to all 

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