floppy.o module

S. Gongola gongolas at verizon.net
Mon Apr 19 01:23:47 UTC 2004

I had no floppy for a while and I got rid of the message.
You probably disabled kudzu on boot.
running kudzu won't help, you need to run the kudzu startup script.
su -
/sbin/service kudzu start
that should update your fstab and get rid of the errors.
I hope

On Sun April 18 2004 07:56 pm, Michael Lavallee wrote:
> On startup, I notice that the system reports it can't load the
> "floppy.o" module.  I'm not surprised, since I do not have a floppy disk
> drive installed on this machine.
> To stop it from attempting to load the module, do I simply remove the
> floppy.o from my /lib/modules... directory, or is there another
> procedure I should follow?
> Thanks,
> Michael.

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