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Eric Diamond eric at
Tue Apr 20 05:00:01 UTC 2004

Monday, April 19, 2004 10:44 PM Tom 'Needs A Hat' Mitchell
> Tinker with  mii-tool.
> Specifically 
>  mii-too  --advertise=media interface
>  media can be one of: 100baseT4, 100baseTx-FD,100baseTx-HD,  
> 10baseT-FD, and 10baseT-HD.
> What you should see is the link light go dark for a blink 
> then a new physical layer connection is made.  It could be 
> that the negotiation is not good and kicking it again might 
> link up ....  I am finding that FD is hard for many 
> inexpensive cards, switches and drivers.

I don't know about that. The problem is not that he can't get a link, he
is and the connection is up at 100Mb/s, but mii-tool says it's only

As for full duplex having poor support on cheaper hardware, I can easily
believe that. You don't really need (and can't really take advantage of)
full duplex in anything but a server anyway. And it would have to be a
busy one at that for you to really tell the difference.

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