email notification of yum updates?

Michael Mansour micoots at
Tue Apr 20 10:28:47 UTC 2004

> Daniels wrote:
> > How do I setup email notifications that yum update
> has run and
> > succeeded or failed?
> ATrpms has a check4updates script that infoms you
> (or better said
> root) about new updates found via yum and/or apt (it
> is part of the
> atrpms package and configurable via
> /etc/sysconfig/check4updates).
> You still have to do the updates yourself, but you
> could easily change
> the script to do automated upgrades (which I
> personally would not
> recommend), and also change the receiver of the
> mails.

Just put a "yum check-updates" command in cron to run
each night, or better yet, created a dropfile for
/etc/cron.d like the following:

0 1 * * * root /usr/bin/yum check-update

Each night at 1am, the command will be run and the
result emailed to root. Easy.


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