script to import keys

Jay Daniels drs at
Tue Apr 20 12:42:09 UTC 2004

A simple script to import keys.

$ cat
if [ $UID != 0 ]; then
 echo Error: become root before starting $0 >&2
 exit 100

rpm --import
rpm --import
rpm --import
rpm --import
rpm --import
rpm --import
rpm --import
exit 0

Are there any more major repositories that could be added?

Is there any way to use rpm to check if the key is already imported?
Perhaps an IF statement by checking the key id with gpg, 0x1CDDBCA9 or
some way to validate the key matches the certain key id's.

Importing from a keyserver may be more secure than importing from
a URL?

Since the file checksum is checked anyway, is gpg even neccessary?


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