Problems getting Linux into homes.

Martin Stone martin.stone at
Tue Apr 20 17:08:19 UTC 2004

Robin Laing wrote:
> As a Linux user, I have had issues with different hardware and software 
> in Linux.
> Here is a pro-windows article based on problems of installing Linux and 
> sound card issues.
>   Langa Letter: Linux's Achilles' Heel.
> <>
> I will admit that I had no problems installing FC 1 on my new computer 
> and it recognizing the sound card.  I haven't been able to get ALSA 
> working yet though. :(
> As the issues with Video cards and hardware not being supported by 
> manufacturers or allowing their "closed source" drivers from being 
> distributed with Linux will be a stumbling block for Linux in the home.

What a tool.  Probably deliberately used a Win-only soundcard; of course, we'll 
never know - he won't reveal what sound card he has!

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