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Would the filesystem type make a difference here?  Or are the problems happening at a lower level than the filesystem?  I don't know ext3's limitations are, but it seems like this might be better handled with a different filesystem.  Just a thought.

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OK, I haven't dealt with this on Fedora, but I did run across a similar problem when I installed RHAS3.  I had a 3Ware card with about 1.5TB of disk space, most of which I wanted on a single partition.  The anaconda installer couldn't handle it, but I believe I read something about how there used to be a limit hardcoded into it that caused the problem. (Don't know if this was fixed or not.)

I also tried creating the partition after installation, and that also failed.  Actually, I used parted and it appeared to work.  But when I formatted it as ext3 it would always hang part way through.  There were also a bunch of I/O error messages in the syslogs.

I ended up finding a reference to the problem on 3Ware's web site (although I can't seem to track down the URL now).  It mentioned that there was a problem with using 'int' instead of 'unsigned long' in the sd.c file in the scsi driver.  The suggested fix was this:

static int sd_init_command(Scsi_Cmnd * SCpnt)
        /* int dev, block, this_count; */
        int dev, this_count;
        unsigned long block;

I am not sure if that is the proper solution, but it did eliminate the I/O errors from my logs.  However, I have not come close to filling the partition up, so I cannot verify that all the space is actually usable.

Oh, and my /proc/partitions file still shows a negative number of blocks for this partition even after I made the change.

Hope that helps.

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On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Bill Gradwohl wrote:

> The testing I started yesterday afternoon completed, and I'm sorry to 
> say the result is a failure.
> Although parted created a 2TB partition as verified by fdisk, only 1TB 
> is useable. I wrote 1001 files of just slightly under 1G each when the 
> script failed for out of disk space. The script simply used the cp 
> command to copy a single master file to FILE.XXXX where XXXX is an 
> increasing number.
> I tried googling for disk space limits, but got too many bogus hits to 
> be of value.
> Does anyone know what the "official" disk space limits are? Does 
> anyone know what I need to do to get a single partition of greater 
> than 1TB? I have a test platform with 2TB of physical disk if someone 
> can point me in the right direction to recompile whatever.
> Martin:
> If you have a 2TB partition, have you tested it for availability 
> beyond 1TB?
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