Huge Partition

Martin Stone martin.stone at
Wed Apr 21 14:44:15 UTC 2004

Bill Gradwohl wrote:
>>what did it say?
> Here's the script I used:
> for ((i=0; i<2100; ++i)); do
>    cp x FILE.$i
> done
> The "x" file is just under 1GB big. I expected the script to fail at roughly
> the i=2000 mark.
> At the i=1001 point, I just got a string of "... no space left on device."
> messages from cp.
> BTW - while this loop was executing, I was getting about 1GB/min via the cp
> command. You say you're getting 1GB every 10 seconds. How are you doing it? 
> The box I'm using is a 2 CPU XEON @2.4Ghz with 2G RAM running absolutely
> stock FC1 - no patches whatsoever. I don't believe any patches would address
> this issue.

I'm doing:

while true; do dd if=/dev/zero of="`date`" bs=1048576 count=1024; done

Because I'm extremely lazy ;-)  My system is dual 2.8 GHz Xeon with 2 GB RAM, 
with two Escalade 7506 controllers, each of which has 8 300 GB drives attached 
as a RAID 10 - 300GB * 8drives / 2mirrored = 1200 GB / 1024megs-in-a-gig = 1.17 
TB.  I created my ext3 fs'es with a very large number of inodes (1 per 4K) so 
the overhead is higher than normal.  df -k reports the total size as 1135170164 
K = 1.05 TB.  I'm also running stock FC1, the only exception being that I did 
install the 2.4.22 kernel update build 2179.

36 GB to go... I'll wait until it completes to send this...

OK it got done.  Final output from df -k is:

/dev/sdc1            1135170164 1135170164         0 100% /export/home
/dev/sdd1            1135170164 699617620 376959076  65% /export/data

So the full 1.05 TB got filled up with nary a problem.

Here's my strong suggestion to you:  Using fdisk, remove your partition and 
recreate it.  Then remake your ext3 filesystem, and see what happens.  I still 
have this feeling like parted is wack.

Good luck, and please let me know how it goes!


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