How to create a network between 2 fedora computers?

Martin Stone martin.stone at
Wed Apr 21 17:30:09 UTC 2004

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> Am Mi, den 21.04.2004 schrieb Jeff Vian um 16:00:
>>I learned something new.!  You are correct, and I had never seen that.
>>The old standby of ifconfig was the only way I knew to do that in the 
>>past.  :-)
> And these days "ip" from iproute is the tool state if the art to do
> things you formerly did using ifconfig, and to do even things ifconfig
> never was able to do.
> Alexander

Whoa, cool.  But in the course of looking at that, I stumbled across an recent 
aggravation, and I feel the need to whine:


Don't you hate it when man pages just refer you to a .ps file in /usr/share/doc?


Sorry, had to do it.

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