mii-tool and dsl?

Dov Zamir Linux at zamirfamily.com
Wed Apr 21 19:36:26 UTC 2004

> Both of the DSL modems I've had, as well as both cable modems I've owned, 
> and every DSL modem I've installed for other people have all had 100meg 
> ports...either in a 4-5 port switch, or in the port that connected right 
> to the PC/router/firewall.
> Interesting.
> As I noted, a few seconds ago, I'm surprised that the manufacturers are 
> even bothering...I can't imagine that 10meg chipsets are that plentiful, 
> anymore.
> -- 
I work for a networking integrator, selling thousands of xDSL modems. 
There are basically two levels of modems. Those produced by Cisco and
such have 10/100 Mbps interfaces and cost hundereds of dollars.

Those produced in the far east and in Europe, such as Alcatel and
Telyndos have 10Mbps interfaces and cost tens of dollars.

If you don't need all the fancy features (and most of us don't) that the
expensive modems can do, the cheaper ones actually outperform the more
expensive ones.

Dov Zamir

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