How to migrate mail server from Notes R5 to FC1 Smtp

Rodolfo J. Paiz rpaiz at
Thu Apr 22 17:33:25 UTC 2004

At 10:43 4/22/2004, you wrote:
>Thanks for your advise, but the Notes serveur is a black box outside of my 
>company, and I have no acces on it.

Should not be too difficult to request IMAP access from that system 
administrator... try it! It really does sound like a quick and easy way to 
transfer over all your users' mailboxes and messages, and the worst that 
can happen is that the sysadmin refuses, you argue/bitch/whine/moan and 
still can't get your way. Then you look for other alternatives. :-)

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz at

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