Need help (of course) setting up network

Shelagh Manton oneida at
Sun Apr 25 19:00:26 UTC 2004

Hello, I am embarking on my big adventure into linux. I installed Fedora 
Core 1 and everything seems to be working well, including being able to use 
the internet. (Although, I think I stuffed up my firewall settings 
yesterday). However I need the help of a kind patient person who can walk 
me through our simple 3 computer network setup. I am the only one on Linux, 
the other two are on WindowsXP. Mine however is the only computer with 
internet access. I have read the various articles on networking and Samba 
etc, but somehow it makes no sense without someone in front of me doing the 
practical side of things and explaining what is meant. I think I've 
understood until I sit down and try to fill in the blanks of the setup guis 
provided. I'm sure I've missed somethng simple but I've no idea what it 
could be.


"First, do no harm" J.Holt

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